Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yes waiter, I'll take the dirt with worms please...

This is a skit that God gave to me, and my brother and his friend performed at our church this Sunday. I hope you are blessed by it; word pictures really help drive the point home with me!

Imagine that you are in a nice restaurant, having dinner with a friend, spouse, whomever. Now, picture in this restaurant, a table, not far from where you are, with two gentlemen sitting at it. There is nothing about these two gentlemen that catches your attention; they are very ordinary. You go back to eating your meal, when your attention is suddenly drawn back to the two men. Not because of them, but because of what the server has just brought out for them to eat. Actually, it’s just the one gentlemen’s choice of dinner that has you shocked and very grossed out! One gentleman, the normal one, is eating a juicy cheeseburger on a whole wheat bun, stacked with tomatoes and lettuce; he is washing it down with a big glass of fresh milk. The other man, the extremely strange one, is devouring a plate full of dirt! Not only that, but he is washing it all down with what looks to be mud! You look closer, and see that the dirt he is eating is filled with worms, and he is eating them too! You shake your head, hoping you aren’t seeing what you thought you saw; but as you look again, there he is, stuffing his face with dirt and worms! You have suddenly lost your appetite, and hurriedly ask the waiter for your check. As you leave the restaurant you ask yourself, “How could anyone do something that disgusting and unhealthy?”

The answer is this: Every single one of us has done that.

No, I am not talking about eating dirt as a kid. I am talking about feeding yourself dirt, that is to say, lies. Every one of us has “eaten” a lie at some point in our life, maybe even this very day. We sit down, devour them, digest them and then do it all over again. We give up the beneficial, nutritious, life giving food we are offered by Jesus, and instead choose the muddy muck of the enemies’ lies. Why?

Jesus is singing over you every moment, speaking life giving and life changing words to your heart constantly. It is a simple choice: Lies or truth? Which will you believe?

And if it ever becomes unclear to you, think of it this way; dirt or a cheeseburger, which would you choose to eat?

John 8:32

32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


  1. It was a wonderful reminder of what NOT to feed ourselves. So glad you're using you gifts to encourage people and to bless our King. Love you Princess!