Monday, June 25, 2012

God says so

God spoke the world into existence. He didn't wave His hands, snap His fingers, or use some kinda wand or staff to create everything. He spoke and it was.

God's Word is not only powerful, it is defining. He said, "Let there be light" and there was light. He made everything; His definition of everything is the only one that matters; the only one there truly is!

That works for us too.

On the way home from work God revealed this to me. For years I believed I wasn't something that He has called me to be, given me the gift to be, defined me to be. I didn't believe for all kinds of reasons. Because I didn't have the proper training, because I wasn't as good at it as other were, because I failed, because I looked stupid. Because....because...because.

And God spoke to me today, telling me I was what He said I was, because HE said so. Not teachers, not friends, not people, not the "world". Him. His Words. They are what define me, what I should listen to.
I was sorrowed and repented for not believing The Creator of the Universe, The One who spoke me into being. The God of everything, who without Him there is nothing.


I want to encourage you today. Whatever you are feeling, whatever has been spoken over you by people, even well-meaning people, whatever the world of man has said to you, put it all aside. Actually, kick it out the front door!
And let the life-bring, beauty-creating, majestic Words of God flow into you. Soak them up. Listen to Him and be covered by His Words that He is singing over you. Ask Him what you are, who you are, what He has given you. And let that be enough. For it is more than enough.

Please try it, and be blessed beyond measure by what Words God has for you!

"God, I am ________, because You said I am, and I believe and trust You. Your Words bring life. They create wonders I cannot even fathom. They restore me and bring me peace. Thank You Lord. I love You."

Sunday, June 17, 2012

It is all about You Jesus

This is Bebo Norman's song "Nothing Without You". I do not own it, nor did I write/create it. I did sign this song for my Mom, because she has modeled a worshipful heart and life. I hope it blesses you all!

                                                                  God loves you!