Monday, April 23, 2012

My Daddy, My Hero!

Today is my Dad's Birthday. I am so thankful he was born, and that he is my father. As I was thinking about him today I decided to list the ways he has blessed my life. Here they are!

    Daddy, you have always loved me. From before you could see me you have prayed for me, cherished me, waited expectantly for me. You have held me when I hurt, comforted me when I was afraid, and never passed up a dance with me! I have never doubted your love for me
    Dad, you have always protected me. You guarded my life ever since you knew I existed. From bullys on the playground to enemies in the spiritual realm, you have stood as a shield to defend me when I could not fight for myself.
    Daddy, you delight in me! From your special nickname for me, to the way you smile at me, to the way you would stop anything to help me or listen to me; you show me how precious I am to you.
    Dad, you are encouraging to me. All my life you have offered correction, guidance, and words of affirmation that have filled my heart with joy and my spirit with hope for my future.
    This one isn't least, it is the most important. Dad, you have showed me the Father's love for me, and have taught me to follow after God with everything I am. What a gift for a daughter to receive from her earthly father!
 I love you Daddy, so very much. Happy Birthday!


  1. My Princess Pops! What a beautiful young woman you are. You bring me such joy and it has been an absolute pleasure being your Dad. God blessed me with you and I praise Him for our relationship!
    Love, Dad

  2. How my heart swelled with emotion and my eyes filled with tears, Sarah, in reading your post. The love between a father and daughter... You are both so very rich! Thank you for this glimpse into the treasure the two of you share.

    1. You are welcome Michael, and thank you for reading. Glad it blessed you!

  3. This is very touching and moving WOW!