Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Does your life feel like a waterfall?

Waterfalls are majestic, powerful, breathtakingly spectacular. Some waterfalls, like Niagara Falls, attract enormous amounts of attention; the small, man-made ones in some backyards offer relaxation. No matter the size, they are mesmerizing. And not just waterfalls, but what comes before and after them too. I don't know about you, but watching water on its journey from streams and rivers, to lakes and finally back to the ocean is fascinating. It travels over rocks, through narrow passages, around fallen debris, under ground, drops hundreds of feet off a cliff, passes any structure that would deter it from its goal; the water cycle, set-up by God, is unstoppable. It is amazing to watch at whatever part you might see it.

Do you ever feel like a waterfall? 

Or maybe I should ask it this way: does your life ever feel like a drop of water in a waterfall?

Think about it. Despite all the beautiful and amazing qualities I just mentioned above, moving water is still one of the most chaotic things in nature. Think of yourself as a water droplet in a stream, river, or waterfall; battered around by whatever was floating along with you, slammed into rocks, twisted and pulled by the strong currents around you, travelling in the dark, underground, maybe even in sewage. Finding peace in some quiet pond or brook before being ungraciously swept back into the flow. And then, just when you thought it couldn't get worse, you get catapulted into the air off a three hundred foot cliff, and yes, there are sharp rocks at the bottom.

Now, would anyone of us want that? How could this painful, crazy, discouraging mayhem be the same as the beautiful, majestic, peaceful and intricate design of God that is the water cycle? How?

Isn't life that way?

I don't know if there is anything that is more hurtful, discouraging, hopeless, and chaotic as life in this world. All of us have gotten bashed by unkind words and actions, turned around by the overwhelming force of our shifting emotions, left to fend for ourselves or seemingly forgotten, in the dark because we have absolutely no idea what to do. Every once in awhile we find a safe spot, some peace in our lives, only to be hurled off that high point into the sinking depths of despair. That is the fact of this life.

But the truth...

The truth is that Jesus redeemed your life. The truth is that He holds you, that nothing gets to you without first going through Him. The truth is that He guides you, leads you on all life's adventures. The truth is that He has a plan, a good plan, for you. He designed the flow of water throughout this earth; He also designed your life. While the fact might be that there is hurt, confusion, chaos and difficulty in your life, the truth is that Jesus is with you, holding you, loving you, through it all. Through the pain, despair and confusion, Jesus is speaking His love, comfort, and hope.
You might feel like a drop of water, being carried where you don't want to go, getting tossed about, banged around, but that's not the truth. The truth is that Jesus is carrying you through His plan, His purposes for your life, to bring you closer to Him. Your life is a waterfall! Your life brings glory to God; it draws others to Him when they see His faithfulness to you. That is the truth.

One last thought...
 You would praise God for the beauty of a waterfall you saw on a hike, why not praise Him for the waterfall that is your life? Praise Him for your life today, for His great love for you. He has such good plans for you, trust and praise Him; you won't regret it!

Be blessed


  1. My wonderful, talented write so beautiful and the truth of His love shines through!

  2. Wow, I have been blessed by your words. I feel God in all you have said. What an amazing analogy,I can't wait to read more!

  3. Thank you so much Amanda! I know He has been asking me to trust His love more and more. He is so good! Can't say that enough!

  4. Sarah - I love your blog! It really encouraged me today - thank you!

  5. Rebekah, thank you so much! Praise God that it spoke to you today! Love you!