Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sage Sarah

This morning I was greeted with a wonderful surprise; my sage seedlings have finally emerged from their potting soil beds and decided to say "Good morning" to the world!
This might seem like a silly little thing, but I haven't planted anything in awhile and after two weeks of not seeing any signs of life, I was worried. Plus I had forgotten to water them a few days too many, or so I thought. So this morning I was delighted, until I looked at my other project, my container full of potting soil and rosemary seeds.
My first response was akin to Charlie Brown's in "A Charlie Brown's Christmas"
"Agh, I killed it!"
But just to make sure, I looked at the back of the packet. Sage takes 10-15 days to germinate, whereas Rosemary takes 15-25.
I hadn't waited long enough. Dissatisfied with my actions I went the way of blame, the way of not trusting, the way of believing that there was no hope for my seeds or me. What I should of done, what I need to do in every aspect of my life is wait, trust, believe. Wait on the Lord, trust in His goodness, believe in Jesus's love and His total forgiveness of my sins. If I would only wait a little longer, tell doubt and anxiety to get, and stand true in God's word.

Do you know, sage is a symbol for wisdom and rosemary is a symbol for remembrance?

Remember God's goodness, all times and always, for that is wisdom.

Be blessed,